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Health Guarantee

Revised: January 22, 2011 by MRR/VKB®

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You deserve to know what you can expect from us before you receive your puppy.

One of the most important questions that you should ask of any breeder is: "What is your (the breeder’s) guarantee that we’ll (the buyers) receive a happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppy that will stay that way?"

While we cannot vouch for every DDB breeder, here´ what you can ­ and should - expect from us:

In the event that any exam reveals a reason for concern, that party will be notified and alternate arrangements will be made for a puppy from the very next litter.

Upon receipt of your Von Krenz Bordeaux® pup you will have three days (weekends/holidays excluded) to have it examined by your vet to verify that he/she has arrived to you healthy.

In the unlikely event that something should happen in transit that affects the well-being of your pup, please notify us immediately so that we can work to rectify the situation. By either: getting it corrected at your end or making arrangements to have the pup sent back to us or by allowing us to send you payment to cover such incidentals.

See contract for specific details of what our obligation to you is and what you must do to meet this criterion.

We offer a 5-year replacement warranty on any pup that should succumb to any life-threatening, genetic defect of your pup for up to 5-years, you must have followed the terms of our contract to be eligible for a replacement pup.

"Life-threatening" defined herein as any condition in which two independent veterinarians {one of our choice} conclude that euthanasia is in the best interest of the afflicted dogue.

A list of some of the more common health problems that afflict all domestic dogs can be found on our Health Links page.